Take Me To The Ocean

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I’m not a person who puts a lot of value in astrological signs, I don’t base my weeks on the horoscope in the paper, and when by chance I do happen to glance at it, I usually just laugh at just how off it really is.  Though if you ask me what ‘my sign‘ is, I’ll tell you straight up, I’m a pisces.  A woman of the water.

It wasn’t until this past month that I’ve truly come to realize just how much I crave water…I love the ocean, the lake.  Floating on the warm water staring up at the clouds as they roll by.  I can easily take myself out of frustration, out of my busy-ness, with a short drive to the ocean.  I’m blessed, I live so close.  Twenty minutes and I am face to face with the mouth of the Atlantic.  Even with my kids running and playing sea side, I find peace.  Calm.

So today, in a very quick decision, I decided that I want to bring the ocean home.  Into my bedroom.  I want to create a space in our room where I can relax in complete peace.  Though, it may not be the true ocean, it’s will be a reflection of all the calm that I crave from water.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting my progress, and some how-to’s.  I will be doing this on a very small budget, as this was not something I planned on doing.  So re-purposing, painting, re-apolstering and sewing will come into play here.  Also a lot of yard sales.  (How I love a good yard sale)

One thing I am very grateful for is a generous mother, who is currently redesigning her own bedroom…and has gone from blue tones to neutrals and reds.  She’s already given me a pure white area rug and a few other things…just need to clean them up!

But for now, I find myself wandering around pinterest, pinning things for my bedroom.  Feel free to follow my Ocean Bedroom pins here.

So, until my next post…

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