Mystery Garden

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One of the very large bonus’ of moving into our new home, is the garden.  It surrounds the house and beyond…gardens everywhere.  I love gardens, plants, flowers and trees, and was thrilled to find that these are already well stocked with perennials, everywhere.

This spring will prove to be very interesting.  As new flowers and plants emerge from last years overgrowth (the previous tenants didn’t take care of the garden) I will be finding new treasures to care for, and enjoy.

Though it’s still very early, only the first day of spring, there are already many things popping up from the earth.  There are many lilies beginning to show up and some of the early spring arrivals are tulips and grape hyacinths.

I have been able to identify a few things that still have their tags on them.  Including 2 Lilac trees (I love the smell of lilacs) 3 weigela bushes, multiple rose bushes, possibly a pee-gee hydrangea, and a sedum.  I’m looking forward to spending some fun days in the garden, enjoying everything that grows, and teaching the kids how to identify the flowers.


I hope you’ll join me as we learn just what our new garden has in store for us!

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  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I’d get the Sedum out. It will take over so easily. Unless, you’re dearly in love with sedum, it may be more of a headache, then it is worth.

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