She’s Connected Conference

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Once again, I’m taking off on a jet plane and heading out to the She’s Connected Conference in Toronto. I attended this conference last year, and was excited to be chosen again. I’m am thrilled to have the opportunity to mingle with my peers. The ladies that I work with every day, the people who are my support system online.  Events like this are perfect for us.  A way for us to build on the relationships that we’ve started online.

I was also asked to be a part of a panel during the event.  I will admit, this makes me nervous.  One of the huge benefits of social media is that it is usually done from home.  To say what I say online, in person, in front of 200 of my peers as well as representatives of the 20 brand sponsors for the conference, makes me a little worried.  So if you see me there, shaking in my new Old Navy Boots…smile and tell me I’ll do fine.  Kay?  

I would like to thank Old Navy Canada for providing me with my fabulous wardrobe this fall.  Everything I`ll be wearing this weekend is from Old Navy, and was provided free of charge.  Shop online or in store this week and receive 20% off!

So, wish me luck, and if you’re going to the conference as well, please…come say hi!  Give me a hug, lets tweet out a picture of us meeting for the first time, in real life.  And if you’re a little nervous too, remember this…

You’re invited because they want you there.  You deserve to be there.  And no one cares if you don’t get your nails painted in time.  (Mine wont be)


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  1. Have a wonderful time Jen! Saying no to my invitation was so hard, but I will be watching/following all the fun from home this year. Sneak me out some swag k. LOL.

  2. See you Thursday :)

  3. Hi Jen, hope you’re having a great trip and I’m sure you’ll do fine. Enjoy.

    Love you,

    Your MIL

  4. Great to meet you at the Conference Jen! Hope you are getting ready for a wonderful family and food filled Thanksgiving weekend!

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