Just Because You’re Pregnant

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Doesn’t mean you have to wear unattractive clothes anymore!  When I was pregnant with my first, all I could find was unattractive, frock like tops and ugly stretch jeans.  I felt less then pretty.  Besides the fact that I was gaining weight faster than I had ever done before, and no longer did I have a pretty strut, more like a waddle…all I craved was to feel like a girl again.

It’s hard, when you’re in the later months of your pregnancy to feel beautiful.  Sure people tell you all time how much you’re glowing and how much of a miracle it is to be carrying a baby.  It doesn’t make you lose that “I look like a whale” feeling.  The only thing that made me feel pretty was a beautiful outfit (and maybe a pedi).

Now that I’ve had my second, and last child (maybe) I’ve giving up all my maternity clothes to friends who are going through those stages of their lives now.  But I also like to point the to sites online that carry clothes that will make any woman, 41weeks pregnant feel pretty, even if only for short time.

One of my favorite go-to sites when I’m showing other moms-to-be that there are options is K&Co. They have so many beautiful tops and in-style bottoms in their maternity department.  In our small town, we don’t have any specialty maternity shops.  Not a single one, so when my friends see what that they can get beautiful maternity clothing online, they’re thrilled.

I’m happy to be able to share a great site, with amazing clothes.  See my friends realize that they have options, that they can feel good about themselves, even in their temporarily bigger body.  I hope this helps some of you find what you’re looking for too!

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