What’s Going On????

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I know, I know….I’ve been totally MIA. (my new nick name!!!) Lately I’ve let so many things go, that I have a huge mountain of things to do! Kinda overwhelming!!! But, I figure I had better start somewhere, so here goes!!

First I’ll fill you in on some things going on in the A Busy Mommy world. As many of you know I am preggo…currently 11 weeks. It’s finally starting to sink in. It seems to be taking a while to “click.” These last few weeks have left me feeling horrible, with no energy and feeling sick most of the time. If I don’t eat every couple hours, I feel even worse…which reminds me, It’s almost time to eat again, I wonder what we’ll have for lunch today.

I had my first prenatal yesterday, and it was exciting…I’ll tell you all about it in a post soon…

Second, I am now a SAHM/WAHM… Though I am excited about being able to stay home with the family, I’m scared as well. I’ve never gone longer than 2 months without a job, and since the doors closed on Sunday, and my step father is retiring, I’m trying to enjoy the thoughts of having this time to spend with Ben, getting him ready for school( still a year and a half away) and enjoying the summer off. (We’ll be hitting the beach often)

As a direct result of not feeling well, my online life has suffered…I am hoping over the next few weeks to get back in the swing of things, get some great product reviews up and have some giveaways again. There are two live right now, great Father’s Day Gift Ideas. If you scroll down you’ll find links to them.

Lastly, my house has suffered. Feeling like crap makes you not want to do ANYTHING….and I pretty much haven’t. I only have 6 rooms in this appt, so you wouldn’t thing it could get than bad, but it has. So getting my home back in order is another thing at the top of my list. So far today, I’ve finished Ben’s Room. Completely cleaned and organized, laundry put away…only 5 rooms left to go. I hope to get at least two more done today, probably the bathroom and the living room. Tomorrow will be my bedroom, and kitchen…..I guess my office will have to wait until last. I just don’t have anywhere to put anything. And the Laundry is a whole other problem all together, If I’m really feeling like embarrassing myself, I’ll take a picture of the enormous pile of laundry and share it with everyone….but no promises….

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has hung in there, and waited around for me to come back to life… I should be back to my regular posting schedule by next week, and have lots of great stuff for you all!

Thanks Again

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