Hump Day

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And what a day today will be. I woke with some strange form of energy, I seem to be self propelled towards cleaning the bedroom. Since Ben shares a room with Daddy and I, there isn’t much room for mess, but alas….mess there is. I have about 15 loads of laundry to do….and I am soo not exaggerating. It’s 9:50am, and I’ve already got quite a bit in the works. I’ve picked up most of my laundry and put it all into one monster size garbage bag. I hope to have it half done before I have to go to work. Need to make the beds, Vacuum and clean the bathroom. I have a few writing projects that I need to accomplish throughout the day, I need to do my first Vlog with my new Flip Ultra…and soo much more!! (like feed the fam, and do the dishes…oh how the list could go on and on…Oh..I need to dig out a wordless wednesday photo too.)

Ben and I will go to work for 4pm, He’ll scrub the bathroom floors and earn his Toonie, (a Canadian Two Dollar Coin for those who don’t know) and I’ll do the toilets…Dart Tournament is tonight, so at least I shouldn’t be too lonely throughout the night…

Well folks, I need to go put the show on for my GMIL, and switch the laundry over…Have a wonderful HUMP Day and don’t forget to fill out my little survey…(Post Below) Come back in a little while for my Wordless Wednesday!

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