Organizing The Holidays.

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Christmas or The Holiday Season is my absolute favorite time of the year. In years past, my holidays have been quite disorganized and and stressful. And really, I end up missing most of it. Last year I decided that I was not going to spend our holidays stressed out, and started planning for Christmas 2008.

The first thing I did was start a Freebie Christmas Plan. I originally posted this on the Frugal Shopper discussion forum. And many others decided to attempt this as well. I have to admit, my Christmas will not be free, but I have aquired enough national brand promos and freebies to fill most of the stockings on my list. I have gotten some really good deals on toys for Ben, and my Dad bought him his “Big” Gift. A full size drum kit.

One of the big things that I’ve tried to do is put away for our regular expenses. I have gas cards, grocery gift certificates, and my Santa’s Choice Hamper all paid up and ready to be delivered. I always get the Chicken Hamper, as that’s our meat of choice, and it saves a bunch at the grocery store. Plus, I’m locked in with 2007 prices, so I actually am getting more for my money.

So, now it is time to get everything on paper, I’ve been organizing in my head more than anything, and over then next week, I plan to have a binder with all my lists ready to go. So I can check things off as I accomplish them. I have a lot of plans for this holiday season and as I go I will start to plan Christmas 2009.

So…note to self. Get 2 binders and label them Christmas 2008 and Christmas 2009. Complete my Christmas Gift List and Christmas Card List. Include all known mailing addresses and phone numbers for easy access. As well as any other vital information known including sizes.

OK, so here I dive into the holiday season!!!

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