What is in a day?

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Well, today was one of those days. Last night, or earily this morning (2am) Ben woke up. He had a bit of a stuffy nose and had a lot of trouble getting back to sleep. So we were up until 5am. Yeah, so I am a tired mommy today. We drug our bums out of bed at around 10:30am and started our day. I did a load of laundry, gave my boog (Ben) FruitLoops for breaky, and turned on the computer. I was hoping to receive the E-cards I had ordered from LUSH for the LINKBACK contest I am holding on www.saveyourcents.ca, but when I ordered them I had put in the wrong email address. So then I spent some time trying to contact LUSH so they could track my purchase and resend the E-cards. After a few hours the E-Cards arrived in my Inbox. YIPEEEEE!!
The Boog and I had Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwiches for lunch. When my MIL made it home from work I took a little nap. Greatly needed. While I was napping the boog’s stuffy nose returned and he decided he would self medicate. He got the Buckley’s rub and decided to put it on himself. Then he jumped on me. (While I was sleeping) He startled me and I was short with him at first. He was upset and rubbed his eyes. This was before I knew about the vapor rub on his hand. I saw his beautiful eyes well up with tears, I grabbed him and ran to the bathroom to try to rinse his eyes. He was hysterical. “Mommy it burns, I can’t open my eyes” I flushed his eyes and then I cleaned them with LID CARE. He grabbed his sookie and his blanket, and went to lay on his bed. I really didn’t want him to go to sleep just yet. It was 5pm. I don’t want him to be up all night again tonight. But when I asked him to come out of his room he said “But MOM I’m really not feeling well. So I let him lay there and watch his newest favorite movie, OPEN SEASON. Within 10 minutes He was In dreamland, and I was off to the club for work.
So now, I am at the club, it is 9pm (we close in one hour) and I am telling you all about my day. There is a HUGE Thunderstorm coming in my direction.
Well, the boog is still sleeping, So I can imagine it will be another late night. Maybe I’ll put some of that time to good use and get some housework done. We have a new Babysitter starting on Wednesday and I need to make our living space a little more user friendly. Have a great night everyone!!

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