The day that never ends.

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5am…yeah 5am was when the Boog decided it was time for our day to start. It is now 11:18 and I can barely keep my eyes open. It was a big day today. Boog got a new babysitter. His first in over a year. We’ve always worked our schedule so that we didn’t need a sitter, but with myself putting in more hours at the Club we need a sitter. Luckily Daddy has a 14 year old cousin who is available from time to time, after school and weekends and the Boog just loves her. I was so happy when he didn’t even show a flicker of apprehension being left with her. Mind you, they were only alone for about 1.5 hours. I told him it was time for Mommy to go to work, he came over, gave me a hug and a kiss and said “Ok, Mommy, I’ll stay with K.” He’s so proud that she was babysitting her. When Daddy on the go made it home, He had to drive K home. Ben was so upset. He didn’t want her to go yet. I think they had fun today. Before I left he had showed her about 50% of his toys, and by the mess of toys on the floor right now, I think she saw the other 50% while we were away. A big thanks to K for making it easy for me to leave my Baby with you. :)

I managed to get a few of the links working on SaveYourCents tonight. I was having trouble getting the links to open, but I think I have it down pat now. I work 10am to 10pm tomorrow at the Club, so hopefully I’ll be able to get the rest of the links working during the slow times. It looks as though I may need to find someone who can work a few mornings a week at the Club. It’s a hard job to fill as there isn’t many hours available. Mariya, I wish you were still in the Valley, You would fit in so well there. But, alas…your not. Thank-Goodness for Facebook and MSN.

I had planned to do some of my freelance work tonight, but I think my eyes are so tired that I would end up reversing numbers. So I think I’ll stay away from that tonight. I just wanted to leave a note here to remind myself someday, when I no longer have a million and one things to do…not complain about being bored…I will have earned the right to be bored. But until that day comes, many many years from now, I am going to enjoy having a very full life!!

Have a good night everyone

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