I want a new camera!!

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I want a new camera!!!

I have great love for the camera I have now. Daddy on the go and I were very pregnant and we decided it was time to buy a camera. It was May 3, 2005. Ben’s Due Date. We went from one store to another looking for the best deal on a digital camera. I remember the pain in my back and legs from going from store to store. We eventually settled on a Kodak EasyShare 3.2 mega pix. We bought it from Zellers. When we sat in the car I looked down at my huge belly and told the little boog “Ok, you can come out now” 6 hours later the contractions began. 2 days later he was born. …but now our beloved camera is in need of some assistance. The battery compartment door is held closed with duct tape. (From being dropped too many times) The USB cable caught on fire about a year ago and we’ve had to use a card reader ever since. So I’ve finally decided I want a new one.

Now, I don’t have any extra room in my budget to buy anything really. So today I decided that since I am working a 12 hour shift I would devout all my TIPS towards the camera that is on sale at Canadian Tire this week. It is a Kodak 8MP C813 Digital Camera. The features include…

* 8 MP – print up to 76 x 102 cm (30 x 40″)
* 3X optical zoom
* 2.4 in. (6.1 cm) indoor/outdoor colour display
* Digital image stabilization
* High ISO (up to 1,250)
* HD still capture – view your pictures in high definition on an HDTV or other HD device
* Video with sound and print options

I’m really looking forward to having video with audio. The camera I have now there is no mic for audio. So all the video’s are soundless. Ben loves to sing so much, and play his guitar. I hate that I wont have anything to look back and listen to when he’s grown. I think that alone is worth the $112.97 (total cost).

So far today, I’ve come up with $55.80, a little more than half. Not bad. I have a few bags of pop bottles I can return for refund in the morning as well. I would imagine that would get me to $80.00 I think I can afford to take the rest out of our budget.

I’m really looking forward to posting some comparison pictures, and being able to hear my boog on tape. As of this afternoon Canadian Tire Had 20 instock so I am hoping they still have on around 9:15am tomorrow. That’s the earliest I can get there. Keep you fingers crossed for me and I’ll update tomorrow on the outcome.

Have a great night

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