Another Day In a Busy Mommy’s Life

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Well, today was another one of those slow starting mornings. Because of the night before, the Boog’s sleeping schedule is all messed up. So he didn’t hit the hay until almost 1am. Then I spent another hour online, though I don’t think I accomplished much. We got up around 8:30 am and I attacked the laundry monster. It’s an ongoing battle, right now the monster is winning, but I should be able to get a good hit or two in tomorrow. I had probably 7 loads to fold, and when I tried to put them away, guess what…The dressers were already full. Soooo, I had to purge. I spent about an hour purging and putting away. And I have to say I feel much better about the fight now.
After lunch (microwaved minipizza) and emptying and refilling the dishwasher we went for our daily walk to the mailbox. I walk, the Boog rides his bike. No mail for me but the Boog got some prizes from Chapman’s Kids Club .

He was very happy with his score.

Then we went for a walk to catch the bus. I gave us an hour to get there so we could enjoy the walk. And we definitely did. I think his favorite part of all was when we were at the bus stop waiting. The stop is on a busy road, so I make him stay in the ditch. He get’s dirty but I don’t have to keep him away from the road. His greatest accomplisment today was “Climbing the Mountain” When he got to the top he did a little dance. It was precious.

I think my favorite part of our walk was when we stopped to smell the flowers. Boog loves to smell flowers, you can barely walk by anything that grows without him wanting to see it, play with it, smell it or pick it. I keep telling him that we shoudn’t pick things, just let them grow. Be a tree hugger, not a tree hater. I think he’ll get it eventually.
After he smelled the flowers, he picked them and crushed them up. Hopefully we’ll get past that soon.

Well, I didn’t get any work done on SaveYourCents today, and I wont tonight either. But I remember now what I accomplished late last night. I started a facebook group for saveyourcents. Tonight I’ll be doing some freelance stuff. I’m hoping to earn enough on my next pay to buy a new camera as mine is being held together with duct tape. It’s 3 years old ( We bought it the day Ben was due…May 3 2005) I remember, right after we bought it I looked at my belly and said, “OK, you can come out now” I went in labour that night, he was born 2 days later. Born on 05/05/05 at 5:38…I wonder what his lucky number is??Well, all in all today was a good day. I got quite a bit accomplished and hopefully I’m not done yet. Enjoy your evening folks, I’ll be back tomorrow. NIGHTY NIGHT.



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