How To Build The Ultimate #DIYSandwich


 I'm sure you love a good sandwich just as much as the next guy.  But, do you know HOW to build the best sandwich?  I mean really build the sandwich, not just throw it together.  There is a method to follow to get that sandwich perfect.  First get your tools together.  A big serrated knife, or a chop saw will work great for slicing and dicing, it'll even do the spreading.  So, yeah...a chop saw or really bid knife if about all you need for … [Read more...]

Chuggington Puzzle Stations for Windows 8.1


My kids love spending time on the computer.  If it has a screen and games they want to use it...especially if I am the one on it.  It can sometimes be challenging to find games that are age appropriate and educational, but that will also entertain our kids! There is a big age gap in my kids.  Almost 5 years!  So the games that my oldest boy wants to play are much too hard for his little brother.  That's why I'm grateful for games that are … [Read more...]

New Salad at Wendy’s! Yes, please!

Mom and Me

It has been one very long winter.  For just about anyone living in Canada…yes, even the west coast, it has been unusually cold, dark and it dragged on just about forever.  I find winters exceptionally long these past few years even without the cold and snow.  You see, my best friend, who just happens to be my mother is a bit of a snow bird, and heads to warmer climates when the cold winter months roll in. But she’s home now!  And I am happy to … [Read more...]

Save The Date! Tenderflake #BakewithStyle Twitter Party Wednesday April 9th!

twitter_party (1)

There is nothing I love better than creating a new dessert to enjoy with my family.  On occasion I pull out all the stops and create something amazing...but I never ever tell my secrets.  I am  a fan of taking help where ever I can get it, and yes, that most certainly includes in the kitchen.  Tenderflake has been a huge part of my baking life since I made my first lemon tart. Tenderflake knows how good you feel when you #BakewithStyle and … [Read more...]

I Am Not A Hockey Mom…

PG Hockey Mom Twitter Prize Pack

But I bow down to those of you who are.  Honestly, I don't know how you do it.  I watch your updates on you have three or four kids in hockey, all on different teams, and somehow you are able to keep it all straight.  Every game, every practice, ever schedule.  You amaze me.  I'm lucky if I can make it outside with my kids each day! I know for some of you the relief is near.  The hockey season is just about over and you now get … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly Foods Really Do Exist

MLF Deli Fresh

I have picky eaters.  All three of the male gender who live with me are very specific about what they will eat...and even more specific about what they will not eat.  Ages 4, 8 and mid 30's.  Picky eaters are hardly bound by age.  But, it is a reality in my house, and for years it has been a stumbling block in my meal planning. I always felt like I was struggling to find something everyone could enjoy my stress level towards meal time was … [Read more...]

Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker, My New Favorite Small Appliance.

HB Pizza Maker

It takes a lot to wow me.  But Hamilton Beach did just that with the Pizza Maker, and let me tell you why. Wait a minute...I'm getting ahead of myself.  First you should know that I have been a fan of Hamilton Beach for years.  HB is my go to brand when I'm looking for a new kitchen tool.  They've been around for as long as I can remember, and that means something when it comes to buying brands I trust.  In the past few years they've really … [Read more...]

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