BARBIE® YOU CAN BE ANYTHING #PlayAdvocate #YouCanBeAnything

CEO Barbie

When I was a little girl I loved playing with BARBIE®.  We loved to dress our dolls and play with their hair.  But often times you'd find our prize BARBIE® dolls in the back of the the neighbours toy trucks, driving them up and down the dirt driveway.  And just like us, they found their way into the tub at night before bed... They couldn't go back to their mansions and campers covered in dust and mud. The things about Barbie dolls is - they … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Earn Money Blogging

Woman In The Grass With A Computer

It's been a fantastic eight years.  That's how long I've been blogging.  It started out as a simple blog on a free platform where I shared my deals, coupons and sales.  It started small, but I was thrilled to find an avenue to share what I had to say.  The funny thing was, people listened.  They listened and shared and commented.  Eventually that little blog turned into my main source of income.  A Busy Mommy feeds my kids and heats our home.  It … [Read more...]

Play, Stow & Go from PLAYSKOOL Giveaway!

PSG Giveaway

So by now you’ve probably guessed it – I love the new PLAYSKOOL Play, Stow & Go line of toys from Walmart. They’re perfect for busy parents on the go who always want to have great toys for their little ones. If you haven’t already checked out my review post, I share my thoughts on the Play All Day Elmo and the Play, Stow and Go Elephant.  I also talk about just how easy getting around with the Play, Stow & Go stacking cups would have … [Read more...]

Why Nova Scotia Should Publically Fund IVF Treatments #NSPOLI #ivf4ns


One in six couples struggles with infertility. Likely a friend, or a family member.  Maybe your next door neighbour.  Infertility is a complex health issue that occurs in both men and woman for various reasons, often a by product of other health conditions.  Sometimes a prior abdominal surgery can cause scarring - sometimes it can be caused by medical conditions such as cancer, Turner's syndrome, thyroid conditions and PCOS (polycystic ovarian … [Read more...]

Fantastic New Sales From Tupperware!

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I am so excited to be able to share with you all the holiday specials from Tupperware. If you wish to help me in my business, you can shop online at on my Tupperware website.  If you're looking for something you cannot find, please feel free to email me at   … [Read more...]

But Mom…Just Five More Minutes #StreamTeam


It happens like clockwork.  Bath at 7pm, snack at 7:30.  At 10 to 8 we start our journey up the thirteen stairs to the bedroom. Step one: "but mom, it's not bed time yet." Step two: "but mom, I'm not sleepy." On the landing we turn..."But mom, just five more minutes?" It's the small victories that make them happy.  The little triumphs that let them feel as though they have a little control over their lives. "Ok, sweetie.  Just five … [Read more...]

Get Creative with Crayola this Christmas

crayola carver

Santa was always very generous to me when I was small.  I remember each year I would receive a small locked box, a diary with a key, new coloring books and a brand new box of Crayola crayons.  After the excitement of the day I would pick up my new treasures and head off to my room.  I would protect that brand new box of crayons.  I would hide it from my younger sister...sometimes - it even made it's way into that locked box. Each and every year … [Read more...]

If Only I Had Play, Stow ‘N Go from PLAYSKOOL When My Kids Were Young

Play All Day Elmo William

My kids are older now.  William will be six in December and his brother Ben is nearly 11. With time, the gear they lug around with them has shrunk considerably…and usually features a touch screen.  When they were small, it was a completely different story. Ben was born in the spring.  I was 25 and although I enjoyed my maternity leave, I wanted nothing to do with staying home.  My little guy and I would visit family, go shopping and not build … [Read more...]

Join StoryBy – The Micro Blogging Platform that Pays You

Woman In The Grass With A Computer

Bloggers are writers. We are creators of content. We work hard on our chosen art, and put it out into the world hoping that someone will read it.  That someone will like it, or Tweet it, or Pin it or share it on Facebook.  We spend hours writing said content. Then re-writing it.  Then scrapping the whole damn thing and starting over.  Then we take pictures... not just one picture, but hundreds...trying to get the perfect shot, with the … [Read more...]

On Keeping My Boys Healthy

Boys Color Watermarked

It's a topic that is not widely least not at my house.  It seems that sometimes men just shy away from it.  Bring up health-like-topics with my hubby and he quickly changes the subject.  In my experience, men (at least the ones in my life) don't want to talk about their health, or how they're feeling or what it takes to be healthy. I think about men's health daily. I have two sons. They come from a  bloodline that has a … [Read more...]

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