Stocking Stuffers for a Confident Holiday


It’s that time of year again: extended hours, endless line-ups and overcrowded… everything. The festive holiday season is quickly approaching and the list of things-to-do is only growing. To help you unload the dreaded list of errands, here are a few ideas to give you a head start for those tricky little stocking stuffers! While it’s easy and natural for you and your kids to get caught up on all the festive sweets this winter, it’s still … [Read more...]

Edible Gifts from Kraft #WhatsCooking

confetti fudge

I have a very scary thing to admit. I haven't even begun my holiday baking. And the holidays are HERE! Christmas is only a few days away, my kids are out of school on Christmas break and my whole household has one form of illness or another... so I'm sorry world... I'm keeping my germs to myself and not baking gifts for friends and family. But I will at least share with you some very festive edible gifts from Kraft! Confetti Fudge How … [Read more...]

Holiday Hostess – Salsa For All Occasions (and a giveaway!)


I like to dip.  I dip my crackers, my chips... my carrot sticks.  Just call me a fan of flavour!  But do you want to know my secret?  Flavour doesn't have to be just has to be real.  And by real, I mean home made.  With fresh ingredients and a recipe.  I know I know... with the holidays just around the corner we're all looking for shortcuts.. and opening a jar of salsa is much faster than making your own, but it isn't better.  Being … [Read more...]

Back to Basics: 3 Fun Party Ideas

With cooler weather upon us, it's nice to warm up with a family-friendly party. If you don't have a birthday coming up, celebrate a special occasion. Choose a theme, serve some hot drinks and put up some decorations to create a festive atmosphere. Set a budget, and pick up your party supplies at the discount store. Remember, the idea is to have fun. Here are three party ideas to get you started. 1. Cookie Swap Having a holiday open house or a … [Read more...]

Rabbids Toys for Christmas!


Still looking for that perfect toy for your little gamer?  I know...there is a never ending supply of gaming gifts that we all just love to have.  But these Rabbids toys, I have got to say, they take the cake.  A TV show and a video game, Rabbids have been a popular choice for years!  And this year they have a whole new line of toys to choose from! No, the toys wont give your on screen character a new super power.  But you will find them in … [Read more...]

A Holiday Brunch on a Well Planned Budget with Walmart & Flipp


'Tis the season for eating with friends and family.  Really, that is what we do during the holidays right?  We eat, chat, munch, gab, talk and then...well, we eat some more!  It seems to go hand in hand with all major holidays.  Gathering around the table and breaking bread with the ones we love. Sometimes those meals could be big and all inclusive... other ones small and intimate with just the closest of close friends.  And the best ones, … [Read more...]

Stocking Stuffers from Hasbro!

Hasbro Stocking Stuffers

Santa certainly has his work cut out for him.  Filling all of those stockings with toys and treats for so many boys and girls!  I wonder just how he keeps all those kids wants (and needs!) straight!  At my house Santa brings an array of things for the stockings.  In the tow we usually find a large orange, followed by all those delightful holiday candies.  But you can't get through the entire stocking without finding at least a few toys! I … [Read more...]

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