#BeSuper – There Is No Other Way To Be! **Twitter Contest!**

William 2

I have superkids... they're odd balls like me and I love them for it.  They like to be goofy, dance in public, make up wonky songs and talk in odd voices.  They're jokesters.  And I think that's awesome.  They're also very impressionable.  And it doesn't take much to sway them from the good side over to the bad.  We do our best to keep their swagger on the straight and narrow.   That isn't always easy.  There is a lot of outside … [Read more...]

Get Out And Play #PlayAdvocate {Giveaway}

HW Helmet

I longed for the sunshine.  When I was a little girl, the winters were just as long and cold as they are today.  And I remember wishing for the warmth of the sun to return.  When we were kids our entertainments was play...and we preferred to play outside.  We didn't have a computer in every pocket. Phones, laptops, smart anything. No...we played with toys and friends.  Life was good back then. Now don't begin to think I'm even one bit … [Read more...]

Quinoa at the Camp Ground? Oh Yes You Can! #WhatsCooking

Quinoa Salad

It's here! It's here! It's here! I say this like a little girl waiting for Christmas.  I am so happy that the warmth of the sun has returned and I no longer have to ware many, many layers to walk out the door.  Flip flops, tank tops and pretty skirts are my new wardrobe...and If I never see another snow flake again, I won't be that upset... My kids have written their summer bucket lists, and those lists are far from short.  They've been … [Read more...]

Three Simple Ways To Help You Wind Down

Life is busy – that’s a fact. Whether it’s work, family or extra-curricular activities occupying most of your waking time, it is go, go, go and your body will often end up running off adrenaline and cortisol. This can make it difficult to stop when you do get a moment to yourself. There’s nothing more painful than finally getting to relax but your mind just keeps on running! Here are 3 simple ways to help you wind down each day. Be … [Read more...]

#MyKPBSnackBite Winners Alert!


Over the last few weeks I’ve shared a few different Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bite recipes with you. These have become a staple after school snack around here, and both of my boys enjoy grabbing a couple as they drop of their back packs and head out to the trampoline after school. Our first recipe was the Fruit & Nut Peanut Butter Snack Bites rolled in toasted coconut…they didn’t last all that long in the fridge. I just couldn’t leave … [Read more...]

The Minions Are Coming! #KinderMom {Giveaway}


Over the past few years, Minions have infiltrated our lives.  Not only on the big screen, but I've found them in knitting patterns, coloring pages, giant stuffies...they are everywhere.  But now, now they have invaded our eggs!  No, they haven't wormed their way into my favorite breakfast food.  They're in the Kinder Eggs! Little tiny minions are everywhere, and my youngest boy is loving it. We found these specially marked Minion Kinder … [Read more...]

Happy #TupperTuesday Let’s Celebrate!

Bell Tumblers

*Please note.  This giveaway is not sponsored by Tupperware.  As an Independant Tupperware Consultant I am self-sponsoring this giveaway, as a means to promote my own business.   May is Tupperware's Birthday month and the Celebrations are amazing.  I've enjoyed my first month in business, and am thrilled with just how fast my business is growing!  I love it!  I have always loved Tupperware...ever since that first time I became a Tupperware … [Read more...]

Financially Sound… Until You’re Not…

Saving Money

It's easy to pass judgement. To look at someone in financial ruin and  assume it was mismanagement or frivilous spending that put them there. To watch them as they sprial downward into that deep, dark, hole of debt, that is so hard to climb out of. I climbed out of it once. Before, when I was young.  Our priorities were far from sound and we threw our money away.  We had debt collectors call daily...hourly.  One day a lightbulb went off, … [Read more...]

Burst Into Spring with Shoppers Drug Mart


It is finally over!  That winter was the absolute worst we have ever seen here in Nova Scotia.  There was more snow than I have ever seen in a single season!  So much so, that there are STILL snow banks trying to melt away.  I am so grateful that spring is finally here, and I can unwrap myself from the copious layers of clothes and soak up some sunshine. My skin is craving sunshine, not a single drop of sun has touched me in so long, I fear I … [Read more...]

The Not So Nice Side of Pregnancy – The gift of #ahhh with the #HemoclinComfortKit giveaway


They don't tell you everything about pregnancy. We like to paint things pretty and only share the good things.  We talk about those fluttery first felt movements, and the joy and glow of pregnancy...but what we hide is the truth. Pregnancy can be a big pain in the backside. Literally. I'm not talking about stretch marks and the inabilitily to get comfy at night... no, I'm talking about Hemorrhoids. There.  I said it.  Hemorrhoids. So, I'm … [Read more...]

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