When Life Gives You Lemons…. #WhatsCooking

Lemon Squares

Spring is here! I think. They tell me that Easter is this weekend.  The stores are filled with tulips and daffodils...though my garden is showing no signs of life.  Quite frankly it's still frozen solid, with a four foot layer of snow atop it.  I think mother nature has here clock all messed up.  Christmas was green, and mild...spring like really.  Easter...well, our Easter will once again be white. But that's ok. Becuase when life … [Read more...]

Join the Barbie™ Super Squad! #BeSuper {Giveaway}


Growing up I adored Barbie.  I loved dressing her up, doing her hair.  Playing make believe with my little sister or the neightbourhood kids.  I have so many great memories of that time in my life.  When nothing else mattered but how much longer I had before play time was over.   I've grown up a lot since those days, and I must admit...I miss all that free time I had to play as a child. Be Super! Do you have a little one who loves all things … [Read more...]

Check out P&G’s Best New Products! {Giveaway!}


If you're like me, you already know and love many P&G products.  Some of my very favorite things come from Proctor and Gamble...products that I KNOW I will use for a very long time.   They are always bringing fantastic new products to the game, and I'm thrilled to share that many of those products that were introduced to us in the past little while have won the Best New Product of 2015 award!   One of my Favorite new products … [Read more...]

A Touch of Spring & New Pillow Cases

Pillow Case

This has been the whitest winter in a long time.  Just last week we were on the receiving end over 100cm of snow...again.  My back yard houses over 4 feet of snow...throughout the entire yard...with drifts well over 5 or 6 feet. It will be May before we see the grass, let alone a tulip or daffodil. So, I'm bringing spring inside. I figure right now is the perfect time to get my spring cleaning complete.  That way, when the weather does finally … [Read more...]

Sponsored Video: Flavour of Home

This post has been sponsored by Knorr, but all opinions are our own.   When I was seventeen I moved away from home.  Not just down the street, or to the next town. No, that would be too easy.  I was the kind of teen that liked adventure. That liked to take the world by storm, and make a mess of it on my journey. So when I was seventeen, I moved to Alberta.  Almost completely across the country, and far away from my childhood home in … [Read more...]

Crayola Colour Alive! {Giveaway!}

Colour Alive

There is something relaxing about sitting down with a brand new box of crayons and a new colouring book.  I think it takes me back to my childhood, when under the tree or on my birthday, these new treasures would appear.  And though my boys get those same treats on special days.  New crayons, and new colouring books, the world they live in is a lot more vibrant than the one I grew up in, and Crayola has stepped up their game when it comes to the … [Read more...]

Super Simple Slip Stitch Dishcloth – Free Knitting Pattern

Dishcloth 3

For the last two weeks I have been obsessed with knitting dishcloths.  I don't know why, I've never liked them before, but all of a sudden I'm all about the cotton dishcloths! So, here is the Super Simple Slip Stitch Dishcloth pattern that I came up with quickely one night while searching through a stitch dictionary. Supplies You'll Need: Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn, about 30grams 5mm Knitting needles Darning needle for weaving in … [Read more...]

Unwrap the Kinder Surprise to Win! {March 16th – 31st!}

Unwrap to win

Everone loves a great contest, and I am Egg-cited to share with you this fantastic new contest from Kinder Surprie! The Unwrap To Win Conest on Kinder's Facebook Page! How does $3000 to do something fun with your family sound?  I know...it sounds amazing, right!  It's a great start to planning a summer vacation, or a little something to put away towards a winter vacation next year.  $3000 to do something fun!  Oh the ideas! Well, right now … [Read more...]

Easter Made Easy at Walmart with Flipp!


In my list of top 10 favorite holidays, Easter comes in a quick second, right behind good ole Christmas.  We get to enjoy a bit of holiday magic known to us as Mr. Hoppity himself, the Easter Bunny as he leaves small spring inspired gifts (and chocolate) for our kids. Just like Santa, the Easter Bunny needs a bit of help when he's building those shopping lists.  Even a little help picking up things here and there.  I mean...there is still a lot … [Read more...]

Cleaning Toilets with Lysol® Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner


It was a job I didn’t do well.  Too young to really be leaving home, but naive enough to think I was ready.  With a signed contract in hand, at just seventeen, I left the safety and security of Nova Scotia and headed off to Alberta.  My job?  Cleaning toilets.   And oh my goodness do I ever wish I was kidding. It was the last thing I should have signed up for.  Sure, it was honest work, but cleaning toilets in a tourist town in the middle of … [Read more...]

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