NEW Arm & Hammer™ Laundry Rewards Program

An empty laundry basket. It's like heaven opens up and sings when you get to the bottom, isn't it? Everything clean, pressed and put away.  It's such a rewarding feeling. As rewarding as it is, laundry has always been a chore I struggle with. I get to the point of it all being folded, then I walk away.  Rarely does the laundry every actually all get put away. As I sit her writing this there are three loads of folded laundry in a basket … [Read more...]

Canadian families: P&G has launched a NEW brandPACK!

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own. I am brand loyal for a lot of things. Laundry soap, mayo, ketchup... You will never ever see me sway from my favorite brands when it comes to those things... why?  I know they work, I know what I'm getting for my dollar, and I trust them.  But from … [Read more...]

Finding Dory in Theaters June 17th {Giveaway}

Ok.  I'm gonna come right out and say it.  I have been waiting for this movie FOREVER. I love Nemo.  I loved Nemo from the moment I first watched his movie.  Every single character, every part of the story line... loved it all.  I have watched it countless times and when they first announcd that Finding Dory was in the works a few years back, I let out a little squeel.  Or maybe a big one. Either way. It's Disney... It's Dory... and I … [Read more...]

Project Sleep {Enter to Win a New Mattress}

It wasn’t when my babies were young. That was not my most sleep-deprived time.  Though when I ask, this is the time that most women will refer to…the time when they were the most exhausted. For some reason, be it hormones, the euphoria or that new baby smell, I was able to get through that time of my life relatively smooth. My most sleep-deprived time came when I changed jobs. I went from a 14-year career at a business that had me starting at 11 … [Read more...]

Got Stinky Laundry? The Rebloom Effect is REAL! #PGMOM #MomsShopWalmart {Giveaway}

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own. It's no secret.  I have stinky laundry.  I've shared this with you before.  It usually happens because I will throw a load of laundry in the wash, then forget about it... after a while, when left to sit, water will stink... It really is a … [Read more...]

Take it Outside!! Brothers. #StreamTeam

I thought I was doing everything right.  I thought the gap would be a great thing.  I figured with five years between them my children would get along perfectly.  Older brother being a mentor to the little guy.  Little man looking up to big bro like he's his hero. Apparently I was lost in some sort of dream land, because that is NOT what I ended up with. Instead I have two children who are one hundred per cent devoted to driving each other … [Read more...]

Choosing Dining Room Chairs That Bring Creativity To The Table

Engaging children (teenagers especially) in dinner conversation isn't easy. Factor in a not-so-cozy dining area and eating in shifts, and it’s nearly mission impossible (unless you are Tom Cruise of course). Moreover, it’s an undeniable fact that due to advancements and the increased use of technology, today's society is putting less emphasis on traditional family values and the importance of parent-child ties, hence why we all end up spending … [Read more...]

The Art of the School Lunch

19 days. Yes, I'm counting. There are 19 school days left before my kids are sleeping in until noon and driving me mad.  19 school days spread out over five weeks until we are ready for summer.  You know what that means?I have 38 lunches left to pack. Yep! I'm counting that too. At the beginning of the school year I am the perfect lunch packer.  I take great pride in what my kids lunch boxes contain. My kids are the envy of the … [Read more...]

Creamy Cheddar and Ham Roll-Ups #WhatsCooking

It's all about snacks. At least at my house. There could be a million and one meals to cook - but if there is nothing for snacking on, the cupboards may as well be bare. I am constantly hearing... "Mom!  There's nothing to eat!" When snack food runs slim, I like think outside of the box.  I am queen of peeking my head in the fridge and coming out with something that is quick and delicious.  I mean, all it takes is a little creativity. Kraft … [Read more...]

Progress on our Backyard Makeover #LoveLowes

By Ally Banks I need to make a confession.  Since I’ve been partnering with Lowes on this project, I’ve spent every Friday night visiting my local store, trying to make up my mind as to what we really need, vs. what we really want.  And when I’m not there, I’m spending endless hours the website, planning and dreaming of my backyard space. I want a destination to put my feet up and relax at the end of the day, but I need a great … [Read more...]

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