A Healthy Start for School with Orange Naturals

Orange Naturals

Our school year is about to begin. The lunch boxes have all been bought, new shoes, new clothes...we're all ready to send our two little boys off to grades 4 and primary.  In the days leading up to the beginning of school, we have been working to implement some sort of routine for them.  Routines are my weakness.  But children need routine, they thrive in it!  So every year I try (and fail terribly) to find a routine that works for us.  I find it … [Read more...]

Creamy Curry Bombay Salad, Perfect for the Lunch Box #WhatsCooking


Lets face it. Nothing says summertime like BBQ , beaches, and sleeping in! And nothing says back to school like bleary eyed mornings, rushing to dress half sleeping children, and of course trying to figure out what to feed my hungry monsters at their home away from home (school) ! Whenever I need a quick fix at lunch time for my two hungry boys( who seem to have the stamina of an elite athlete in the midst of a playoff run), Pasta is my go to … [Read more...]

Have You Gone Noseblind?

noseblind is real

I'm about to admit something that maybe I shouldn't.  Something I'm not so proud of.  You see...there was a time, before we had children, when we had a few cats.  And by a few cats, I mean more than 10.  Let's just say my house had a funkyness to it... It was a overwhelming scent of ammonia that happens when you have multiple cats. The thing is, after a while, I just didn't smell it anymore.  I was noseblind. I became so accustomed to the … [Read more...]

Flip That Chair #UsedHelps


It’s no secret. I like to make things. Creating is a huge part of my soul and something that was bred into me from the beginning…I come of it honestly…my mother is the same way. Both of us hate to see a useable item head off to the dump. And would much rather put a little creativity and elbow grease into something to make it new again. I have a thing for antiques. I love turn of the century furniture…it just has so much character. If you look … [Read more...]

It’s a #UsedParty…. The BIG DEAL Twitter Party

Big Deal Twitter Party

Save the date and plan your meals now, because this Thursday night (August 21st) at 9pm EST/6pm PST we're having the #UsedParty!  Are you the queen of finding the best deals?  Can you turn trash into treasure with a can of spray paint and some mod podge?  Then take a look below and plan to be at the Twitter Party that is Just For You!  BUT FIRST! Go take the Big Deal Personality Quiz and find out just what kind of shopper you … [Read more...]

It’s Time For A Make-Over! Shoppers Drug Mart 30 Days of Beauty


It’s that little glimmer of RAWR that I feel when I look good.  When I take the time and put forth effort into how I present myself to the world, I feel like I can take on just about anything.  My mother has always said, “You feel better when you look better”. That is a part of me that has been missing these past few months.  I have fallen into an o’natural routine, and it’s just not keeping my go get’em attitude in place.  My yoga pants have … [Read more...]

Our 5 Favorite FREE Windows 8.1 Apps #BetterWithWindows8


Windows has always been my operating system of choice...I remember back in the days of Windows 3.1!  Things certainly have changed since we had to log into Windows from DOS Prompt.  Long gone are those days, and now we have the fantastic abilities of Windows 8.1. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite apps.  They are the apps that help to get me though my day!  With both productivity and with my own fun times.  Girls gotta game, … [Read more...]

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