Babies First Birthday Featuring Fisher Price Little People

Reese Birthday one

There is nothing more exciting than planning that first birthday.  It starts at about 8 months old...we start trying to decide if it should be big, or small.  Themed or simple.  We plan and plan to make the most of that very first birthday party. It doesn't have to be a lot of work.  A simple cupcake can be the smash cake, or really... a slice of the real cake will work just as well.  But making it fun for all (especially the birthday boy … [Read more...]

Cupcake Tuesday! Week 2


Two weeks in a row!  I'm doing well.  On a bit of a sugar high considering I've been making cupcakes for two days!  Some with my family...cause what kid doesn't want to decorate cupcakes, and a few special blue birthday cupcakes for tomorrows Special First Birthday blog post.  (Hint... if you have a little one who's about to have their first birthday, check back tomorrow morning and see what Fisher Price Little People have for you!) But back … [Read more...]

Vote For Your Favorite Recipe #TKeveryday

Blog_#TKeverday Fan Vote_English_FINAL

  Thai Kitchen is back at it again!  You may recall last year's Lucky 7 contest where they challenged 7 celebrity food bloggers to create new and delicious recipes.  Well, they've done it again and this time around the challenge went out to five of my favorite Mommy Bloggers. You may have already seen some of the dishes they've created.  All last week it was all over instagram, twitter and facebook these fab ladies have been … [Read more...]

New Year, New Choices

100 days of real food

So by now all of the resolutions have either worn off, or been considered successful.  We've given in to our chocolate cravings, but maybe we had a smaller piece.  We're not running everyday, but maybe we're doing a little more than we did last year. We've realized that unrealistic resolutions are not doing us any favors, and that healthy is a lifestyle, not a resolution. I didn't make any resolutions for this year.  I did however make some … [Read more...]

It’s Cupcake Tuesday!


Umm.  I've never really shared this tidbit of info with anyone before... I try to keep a few little secrets to myself.  But this...this I just can't hold back anymore! I Love Cupcakes! Big ones, little ones.  Fosted or filled.  I love all things cupcakes and I want to share it with the world!  So,I am!  And if you happend to be watching my feed on instagram last week, you would have seen a bunch of cupcake pics.. or more... me making … [Read more...]

Join The #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat

1. First Home_JAN15_8_TW

Spring is just around the corner (though it may be hard to see right now through the snow banks) and home buying season is coming right along with it!  If buying your first new home is on your list of things to do this spring, then have I got a twitter chat for you. The #RBCFirstHome twitter chat is happening this Tuesday January 20th at 8:30pm EST So start writing down your most burning first home questions and RBC and their  team of experts … [Read more...]

Marcus & Marcus Now Available at {Giveaway}


I remember back when I was first having my babies.  I loved going through the stores, picking out all the things that I wanted my baby to have.  The soft, silky blankets and the playmats.  The highchairs and the car seats.  Right  down to their tiny little socks!  Buying for baby was so much fun. Now that my kids are older, I get to buy things for my new nieces and nephews, and come up with shower gifts that I think would make life easier for … [Read more...]

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