Andrew Farrell’s Smoky Cauli-power Mac & Cheese Recipe

Ok.  So I have never really been super creative when it comes to Mac & Cheese.  Honestly... I usually let my mother make it.  Shhh...don't tell anyone.   I just could never really do it "right".  Ether my sauce was lumpy or my noodles over cooked.  But when I heard about the recent Grate Canadian Cheese Cook-Off (YES - that is a cook-off featuring Mac & Cheese! I want a front row seat next year!!) I knew I just had give it another go.  So … [Read more...]

Black Forest Shake… Yes Please! #ONatural

Summer is coming!  Ahh!!  I gained a bit of weight this winter.  Okay, okay... I gained a lot of weight this winter.  The cheeseburgers at the restaurant that I work at were calling my name and I wasn't strong enough to fight off the urge.  But about a month ago I got on the work out wagon and I've been retraining myself to get healthy... again. All winter long I was dragging my butt around.  Very little energy.  Going up the steps made my legs … [Read more...]

It’s Been ONE Year! Anniversary Celebration! {Giveaway!}

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Tupperware Consultant. I will earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking the links in this post. The giveaway at the bottom of this post is sponsored by me and will be fulfilled by me.  This post and this giveaway is not sponsored in any way by Tupperware.  I just spent the last hour outside, in the sun, raking.  I soaked up every single ray that I could.  At first, I was chilly, but quickly, under … [Read more...]

March Break is OVER! It’s Moms Turn with the iPad #StreamTeam

For me, March has been a very trying month.  It's a long month... a busy month... and month where it feels like my kids are NEVER IN SCHOOL!  Now, I can't say that we didn't put this time to good use.  Over March break we went to a new pool we've never played at before, and had an absolute blast.  We got to go to a big book store (Chapters with Starbucks - we don't have this treasure in our town) and enjoy some quality time together.  But... … [Read more...]

The Bell That Rang In Easter – FREE Download and Giveaway!

Easter is just a few short weeks away. Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  Here in eastern Canada it's usually still very wintery over the holiday weekend. But this year may prove different.  It's been an early spring and we may just see sunshine and green grass this year. That excited me.   I cannot wait to begin planning our Easter dinner.  Each year I cook a large spread.  Turkey, ham and all the fixings.  It's a great opportunity to … [Read more...]

Back on the Slopes…

I knew it would happen eventually. This is the year that it did. I knew one day my kids would come home with a ski trip permission form for me to sign. I've been dreading this one my whole life. Err, well, since I was eleven anyway. Last month my 10 year old son brought this form home.  His classmates are going on a ski trip to Martock and he wanted to go. Of course he does... he's 10!  And skiing is super fun! You may be wondering why I … [Read more...]

Working Through the Sniffles #PGMOM {Giveaway}

I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own. I really hope I'm not about to jinx myself. I've had two very mild colds this winter... two.  Two colds that I barely noticed, they really didn't even slow me down. I actually found it rather shocking just how well I made it through those germ filled days. … [Read more...]

Spotless #PGMom

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own.   It happened last Monday.  Around noonish, my landlord sent me a text.  "I have some news and you're not going to like it". "Oh no!" I thought to myself.  My blood pressure immediately went through the roof... "Will I have to move?" … [Read more...]

I Joined and I Think You Should Too!

When was the last time you went to the grocery store, and was impressed by how much you got for your dollars?  Did there happen to be a big sale that day?  Did you get a good SCOP* deal?  There is no doubt about it, food is expensive. The only way I can afford to feed my family the things they want to eat takes a whole lot of planning, a little bit of work, and even - hiding some food from my kids.  There may or may not be a big tote in my … [Read more...]

Welcome to #TheGreatIndoors {Twitter Party & Coupons Info}

We are summer people.  We like to sit on the deck with the BBQ, enjoy days with friends and family at the beach, and play in the sunshine.  Unfortunately, unless we travel (which we would love too, really) we're stuck in the cold and snow for at least another month.  Now, it would be pretty sad if we just wasted away, waiting for summer, now wouldn't it!  So we have to make the best of what we have (ahem.. snowflakes) and learn to enjoy … [Read more...]

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